With the RUN! project, Brute worked to build a positive attitude towards nutrition and physical fitness in Bay Area schools and communities.

Physical activity was encouraged with incentives and motivation for individual improvement coupled with multi-lingual pamphlets for parents with health and wellness information.

We started with a pilot at Cesar Chavez Elementary in East Palo Alto, where in three weeks we saw:

  • a 232% increase in the number of miles run

  • 124 personal best time in the mile

  • 1,988 laps (⅓ mile distance) run by the 400+ students that participated.

All for the cost of a $50 iPod shuffle.

Using a generous grant from Sappi’s “Ideas that Matter” program we expanded to 15 bay area schools and 4,500+ children selected based on % of students on school lunch.

Brute partnered with graphic designer Vanessa Maynard and a team of designers from Nike (Erick Goto, Will Green, Kristen Shenk) to create stunning RUN! visuals that spoke directly to students.

Participating schools:

East Palo Alto: Cesar Chavez Elementary

Mountain View: Mariano Castro Elementary & Theuerkauf Elementary

Penngrove: Penngrove Elementary

San Jose: Adelante Dual Language Academy, Canoas Elementary, Christopher Elementary, Del Roble Elementary, Hayes Elementary, Lyndale Elementary, McEntee Academy, Miner Elementary, Painter Elementary, Ryan Elementary, Stipe Elementary

Launched April 03, 2011