What Was It?

Fresh Air & the Weight of Things consisted of four different types of innovation workshops that walked students through the process of bringing an idea to life. Brute and PlayLab designed the workshops specifically for the students of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (KAUST)

Within three days, the groups explored possibilities for ideas, eventually narrowing down the amount of ideas based on knowledge, interest and potential for impact. By the end of the workshops, KAUST students developed materials and created a proposal to move the project forward.


Fresh Air & the Weight of Things was one way to rethink science and technology across academic institutions and cultures. The project offered new ways to teach and learn. The innovation workshops served as a bridge between the students' research topics and the real world applications of them. Over the course of the three days, students explored their own interests, experimented with innovative concepts, and worked towards mutual understanding.

These explorations are critical for the growth of KAUST and Saudi Arabia as a whole. These workshops have the opportunity to welcome a new generation of scientists and thinkers. Fresh Air & the Weight of Things created a pathway for students to solve problems by having fun. These workshops offered the opportunity for students to become inspired and motivated by the potential of the impact that they can make through applying their fields of study and solving real world problems.

Launched February 03, 2010