Eastside is a high school in East Palo Alto, California with a residency program for underserved communities. As part of an ongoing collaboration, Brute developed several projects with Eastside to instill school pride, and teach literacy, physical fitness, and environmental awareness. Brute used design to inspire and educate through the following programs:

  • Creating a student-curated library: Students chose their favorite book on their birthday to contribute to the library, personalizing their choice with a custom book plate.
  • Refreshing the dorm to instill school pride: Custom door signage, laundry tags, binder inserts, and posters communicate community values.
  • Teaching design thinking: Brute partnered with Stanford’s d.School to create a summer program in design thinking for Eastside students. Brute also ]worked Facebook to teach a design workshop](http://brute.is/blog/designing-with-facebook).
  • Freezing a moment in time: Brute designed a time capsule site for students to preserve school memories.
  • Teaching cooking skills: Brute set up a cooking club called Cookie Committee to create an educational extracurricular activity.
  • Cleaning up the local environmental: Brute introduced an initiative for the Eastside running club to help clean up the local Bayside preserve. The program, called Dash and Trash, involved gathering donated materials and designing posters to promote the effort. Brute and Eastside students were able to restore a beautiful natural resource.
Launched March 24, 2015