The public school system has a severe challenge with students’ lack of motivation and an escalating student drop out rate.

Brute wants to use design thinking to engage students in learning and change this.


We are on a quest to implement design thinking as an essential part of education. Students use their school and neighborhood as their laboratory, where they learn by observing the people they design for and uncover real human needs they want to address. They then develop an unexpected range of possible solutions, and create rough prototypes, or mock-ups, to take back out into the field and test the design with people. We hope that the students' bias is one towards action, then by reflection on their own discoveries about process. Experience is measured by iteration: students run through as many cycles as they possibly can on any project. Each cycle brings stronger insights and more unexpected solutions.


Brute works with kids to prove that anyone can do good. Our small team operates a design thinking program to serve public schools in economically disadvantaged areas. Since design is often excluded from school curricula, we bring the tinkering and building to campus. We are a team of design strategists, graduate students in education and Brute staff members, working together to support public school faculty and students through the process of design thinking.


Public schools are rich hubs of learning where students have the chance to activate creative thinking, innovation and apply new design ideas. We believe that resource constraints often lead to great ideas. We know that students crave the opportunity to build, create, design and play. We aim to create a renaissance in education and learning through our workshops.


Brute Design Thinking for Kids hosts a design thinking summer camp for public school students from ages 9-14. These workshops will take place in several publics schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our summer school workshops encourage creativity, tinkering, and problem-solving. Students go through a series of activities, and create projects of personal and social relevance. Brute Design Thinking for Kids' instructors are designers, creative educators, and go through their own Brute Design Thinking orientation prior to teaching.

Brute Design Thinking students will be ready to present their ideas through the practice of storytelling, serve as inventors in their communities and build their confidence by learning how to problem solve as they go forth in their education and one day, respective careers.

By integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills into the workshop, our program aims to build confidence, curiosity and captivate students by encouraging them to be makers. Brute Design Thinking for Kids builds both imagination and also possibility; we invite 9-12 year old students to create projects that are relevant, hands-on and engage them in socially relevant exercises.

Launched May 18, 2013