It was November 2007, almost a year since a couple of members from Brute attended Oduro Takyi’s class filled with Silicon Valley’s future entrepreneurs, “Business Entrepreneurship 55″.

Greg Powel, Brute member shares more about the project: "We began with a case study. We recounted the early steps that Google took as it grew from an idea, to a small company and eventually a multi-national corporation. As we elaborated I could tell that we had the full attention of the class; people began to ask more questions. Do they really have free food? How does Google make its money? How does AdSense work? As people got more excited we transitioned to the next part of the presentation. We shared more about Brute's Project RUN!, and Believe-Begin-Become, an entrepreneurship conference based out of Tanzania.

Finally, we shared the story of Gregory Mchopa from Tanzania. Within 36 hours we set up Mchopa's website and suddenly a local artist became an international entrepreneur.

Through Web 2.0, motivation and a few free online products, it seems that anyone can have access to creating a business."

Browse the presentation in the downloads section below. Although the deck is just a collection of random facts and images, the stories they tell inspired a room full of people. Brute hopes that people will also be inspired to travel, create stories, document these tales and share them.

Launched March 04, 2009