Brute teamed up with Vestal Design and Stanford University for a pro bono project to produce decals that highlight Stanford’s use of biodiesel in its campus shuttle buses, the Marguerite.

The concept behind the bus decal is to use graphic design to build public awareness for biodiesel and to generate momentum for a more aggressive switch to renewable fuels.

Stanford currently uses B5 biodiesel, a blend of conventional petroleum diesel with 5% vegetable derived diesel fuel. While this isn’t much, it’s certainly a start. In anticipation for a continually improving program that transitions to higher blends of biodiesel (eg. B10 >> B20 >> B100), we wanted to design a decal that can adapt and improve alongside the program. Early in 2008, Google expressed interest in the decals that we designed and decided to put the decals on select vehicles from their fleet of buses.

Launched February 03, 2007